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Winter 20 Open TopWe recieved this mail from an old memeber and i thought it only right i put it up, interesting for all those Southlake historians.

Hi, I saw a request for old photos on the Southlake A.S facebook page. As its been snowing and I didn’t have much to do I had a look through my old logs and albums. My name is Tim Barrett, I used to fish Southlake when I was a kid in the 1980’s and 1990’s. I lived near the Thatchers but moved away and have now settled in Newport Gwent. I had a few good carp seasons between 1989 and ’94. I expect many of the faces from those days have moved on but I see Martyn Kallius still fishes there, also on there at the time was Mark ‘Bonny’, Andy Greenhalf, Keith Driscoll and Steve Grant, Warren White (Woggy), Ian Mcloughlin ‘Knotty’, the Lamdens, Mark Williams, Dean Fletcher and Jon Spires and many more.

I was 16 in 1989 and along with Martin and Bonny we baited up with a top secret bait (ground down liver cat biscuit boilies!), Mark in particular chucked loads in and we all had our best seasons at the time. I had a look in my old log and I had 37, most were doubles with a good few upper doubles and the biggest for me that year was Nelson, an old fish which used to come out a lot, infact I think it would be fair to say it was most people in Woodleys p.b! At the time it was about 24lb. I heard Nelson came down from the Thames in the 70’s when it was a 30, brought down in an old bathtub was the rumour!

In those days there was still a Nightbank, my best swims were the Points casting right across and walking around to bait up with particles and boilies. My rods were only 2 1/4lb t.c and mitchell 300’s, so it was 6lb mainline with a 12lb shockleader, really light by todays standards and we used to have some spectacular crack offs, it still makes me wonder how no-one was ever killed! The ‘Centre’ on the path was also a favourite of mine (I see this area has been re-landscaped I think it would be about swim 6 now). It had a lot of good areas from quite close at night, open water with a stringer in winter but best of all right over just off the little reed bed, when the wind direction was right I used to love it there. The Bay was also very good for fishing and a social, often 3 of us would fish it at the same time!

The fish were probably an average of 12lb then but this increased as more bait went in and by the time I stopped was more like 17lb. There was only 5 or 6 twenties in ’89 but probably more like 15 by ’94. Nelson and a fish called Crinkle Tail were the 2 best known and they were both quite friendly. There was a variety of shapes but some real stunners. We called the scaley pretty ones ‘Israelies’ and the light grey usually fatter fish ‘Italians’. I don’t know if this was right! The Commons at the time were smaller, the best I ever had was about 17lb. Overall it could be tricky but if you had time you would catch a few over a season and when they fed well you could have a good hit. My best was 6 in a night (from the Laundry) including 2 twenties. Back then that was pretty good. I don’t think I realised how lucky I was too have that on my doorstep, I loved it and used to be round there all the time, if not fishing just chatting, running down the Chinese for the older lads in return for a bag of chips. Looking back I was probably a bit of a pest!

Anyway life moved on, I still fish a bit but mostly for Barbel on the Wye, or short evening sessions floater fishing on local ponds, having a young family limits it a bit, but in time I’ll do a bit more, and maybe when the kids are older and I’ve got some money(!) I’ll have a go on Southlake again, it’s certainly a nice thought!

Anyway, attached are some pictures of fish the quality isn’t that good but I hope they are of interest. The earliest is 1986 a good fish which I didn’t weigh (no scales) and my first ever carp. The rest are mostly from ’89 onwards, including Nelson at my best weight of 29lb 8oz (still my p.b sadly!) and Crinkle Tail.

Please pass on my best wishes to any of those I mentioned from that time, it really is full of happy memories for me!

All the best,

Tim Barrett

Winter 18b CentreMid double CentreMid 20 '91Low 20 CentreCrinkle TailChunky low 20 PointChristmas '93 17lbCentre Linear'94 21lb last Southlake Carp'93 Low double Centre'93 19lb Stump'93 19lb Centre'93 19 & 18 Point'92 21lb Laundry'91 16lb Point'91 14lb linear'90 Nelson 29lb 8oz'90 20 from Armchair'90 18lb Point'89 15lb'89 15lb Bay'89 12lb common18lb Point18lb Mirror17lb Roots17lb Nightbank16lb Mirror Point16lb Mirror Point13lb 1987 Pub Roots2-tone mid double1st Carp 1986!Winter 20 Open Top

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