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Established on 21st April 1969, Southlake Angling Society is a thriving angling club, situated in Woodley, Berkshire.  The Society has three venues, catering for the specimen hunter, match and pleasure angler alike.

The Society was started on the 18 acre former estate lake of Southlake in Woodley. In 1976 we took over the running of an 8 acre gravel pit in Hurst from Redlands Aggregates, this lake now known as Redlands was purchased by the club in 1999.  

In 2010 we became a Limited Company (Limited By Guarantee). This was solely to give the Officers and Members of the Club full personal protection from the liabilities of the Club. All it means to Members is that they are liable to pay the sum of £1 in the event of the Club being wound up due to litigation.

We are very proud of our fisheries. We believe we offer a superb selection giving members virtually all the sport they could wish for.



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