Redlands Stocking 2012

We are pleased to announce that Redlands has received the following stocking of Carp during February 2012.

The weights were as follows: 18lb 8oz,  22lb 8oz, 19lb 4oz, 20lb, 13lb, 20lb, 16lb, 14lb, 19lb 12oz, 19lb, 15lb, 10lb 12oz, 15lb 12oz (The weights are a few pounds down from when we netted them to when we moved them a few days later due to the cold weather, etc, but would have each quicky regained the 2lb or so lost whilst they were penned)

There were 13 Common’s introduced, but one slipped out of Chris’ hands before it could be photographed……. (It had been a while and he got all excited)

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