Handbook Season 2019-2020

Southlake Angling Society – General Rules

Any member not certain of these rules should contact a Committee Member of Bailiff, before commencing fishing.
1. Conduct, Discipline and Grievances
a) The Committee has the right to refuse membership for any reason and also to suspend or expel any member who fails to comply with Society Rules, or in their opinion acts in a manner prejudicial to the good of the name of the Society or the sport of angling.
b) Committee Members, Bailiffs and Members are empowered to ask any persons on any Society water to produce their current membership card. The membership card must be carried at all times. Failure to do so will result in the person being asked to cease fishing and leave the water immediately. All official Society Bailiffs and Committee Members have the authority to confiscate a member’s membership card pending investigation by the Committee. Offenders may be requested to appear before the Committee.
c) Any member who, for any reason whatsoever, feels aggrieved in any way will make his grievance known to the Committee in writing and will not under any circumstances pursue his objections in any other way. The Committee will endeavor to resolve the matter to a satisfactory conclusion to all parties involved.
2. Rods, Byelaws and Close Seasons
a) All members must abide by Environment Agency Bylaws, Environment Agency Thames Region Bylaws and be in possession of the appropriate rod license(s).
b) Fishing may only take place from designated swims.
c) Members may only fish with two rods from June 16th to 30th September. Three rods are permitted as detailed in venue additional rules.
d) Marker rods and Spod rods may be used provided that they are reeled in after baiting, etc. On no account are Marker floats to be ‘left out’ whilst fishing.
e) No angler shall leave a baited rod(s) unattended in or out of the water.
f) The Committee has the power to set close seasons and temporary restrictions on any Society water. Close season on rivers is subject to Environment Agency byelaws.
g) No fishing shall take place from boats or by any other means that allow a person or persons to float above the water.
h) Strictly no wading, above knee height, is allowed on Society waters. Swimming in all Society waters is banned.
i) No braided mainline to be used when fishing except for Marker and Spod rods.
j) Line strength of 8lb minimum is to be used when fishing for Carp and Pike.
k) Membership to commence 1st June and terminate on the 31st May of the following year.
l) All junior members aged under 13yrs MUST be accompanied by a senior member of the Society whilst fishing on any of the Society waters.
m) All junior members aged under 16yrs MUST be accompanied by a senior member of the Society fishing the adjacent swim, whilst night fishing on any of the Society waters.
n) Junior members are eligible for Senior Permits at 16 years of age, and will be on a probationary period until 18 years of age. Until then no supervision of any junior member while fishing is permitted.
3. Miscellaneous Restrictions
a) Members may publicise their captures, provided they state the capture was made on “Southlake Angling Society” water. All other forms of publicity to be solely carried out by the Committee where they feel it is appropriate.
b) Members must shut/lock gates behind them to safeguard property, crops and livestock on all Society waters.
c) Bivvies, umbrellas and tackle etc. must not block access around the fishery.
d) Any member may be accompanied by a non-fishing guest, who will not occupy a peg other than that of the host member. The member shall be responsible for the conduct of the guest.
e) Any member suspended or banned from Southlake Angling Society for disciplinary reasons is not allowed to accompany any member whilst the latter is fishing Society waters.
f) Members may purchase guest tickets at a cost of £15.00 each for 24 hours, for non-members to fish on all Society waters. Members are restricted to one guest ticket at any one time and guests may only fish in accordance with the rules of the Society. Guest tickets must be purchased IN ADVANCE from the carp shack. Guest tickets may only be issued at the Head Bailiff’s discretion and guest must fish adjacent swims to member they are accompanying.
g) Any member being a nuisance due to being intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will be banned immediately from Society waters.
h) Not used
4. Dogs, Wildlife and Property
a) A member is to be totally responsible and liable for the behavior of any dog(s) brought on to the Society waters by that member or their guest.
b) Members are allowed to have a maximum of 2 dogs with them when fishing, however they must be tethered to prevent them leaving the swim and free roaming the fishery.
c) Any member with a dog on society waters is responsible for picking up any dog foul left by their dog(s). If a member fails to clean up after their dog(s), this will result in the immediate withdrawal of the members right to bring a dog onto the water.
b) Members must keep disturbance & noise to a minimum at all times, especially with regard to local residents living near Society waters.
c) Members must only approach or leave the waters by the recognised footpaths and entrances.
d) Great care must be taken not to disturb livestock or wildlife or damage fences or hedges or property belonging to the Society or any other landowner. (This includes digging for bait)
e) No member shall alter, damage or in anyway change the swims on Society waters.
f) Under no circumstances shall members light fires, (except using cooking stoves) unless engaged on official Society business. Barbeques are permitted on Society waters however they must be raised off the ground. (Bailiff’s decision is final)
g) No member is allowed to introduce / remove any fish, spawn or fauna to or from Society waters, except when carried out by Society officials for fishery management purposes.
h) Members accept that vehicles and their contents are parked at Southlake Angling Society venues entirely at the owner’s risk.
i) The use of Salt Rings is banned on all Southlake Angling Society venues, any member using them will be banned immediately from Society waters.
5. Baits and Application
a) The use of all nuts as hook baits or loose feed is banned on all Society waters.
b) All free bait must be introduced from the swim being fished and must be thrown in by hand or by the use of catapults, throwing sticks, swim feeders and bait rockets. No other mechanical means of introducing free baits is allowed.
c) Radio controlled equipment is forbidden on all Society waters.
6. Noise, Disturbance and Litter
a) The playing of radios, TV’s, and all other media devices may only be used so as not to cause disturbance to others.
b) Any angler fishing at night, may use a light. The beam must be of low power so as not to disturb other members or the general public. (All Laser Pens are banned from Society waters).
c) No member shall leave any form of litter, plastic bags or fishing line, etc on Society waters. Any member fishing is responsible for all litter at that peg and if proved that this rule has been disregarded the member will be expelled.
7. Safety
a) Anglers are not permitted to fish within restricted areas adjacent to overhead electric cables and must be at least 30 metres away from any source of electricity.
b) No boats of any type are to be used on Society waters other than those used by official working parties, or with permission from a club official for fish safety.
8. Fish Handling, Retention and Welfare
a) All anglers unhooking or handling a specimen fish on the ground must use an unhooking mat. An unhooking mat must be used under the weigh nets/slings etc. to place specimen fish on before, during and after the weighing.
b) Fish must not be retained or weighed in polythene bags.
c) Keepnets are to be to the current Environment Agency regulations.
d) Sacking of fish is banned.
e) Carp maybe retained in retaining slings in sufficient depth of water for up to 30 minutes and then released, (One fish per Sling)
f) All Society bailiffs are empowered to inspect and insist that members remove fish from their retainer sling should the enclosed fish show signs of distress.
g) All anglers must be in possession of a suitable landing net. 36” minimum
h) The use of long shank bent hooks and injurious terminal tackle (such as fixed rigs where the lead / feeder cannot be ejected on the main line breakage) is prohibited. (Bailiff’s decision is final)
i) All fish must be returned to the water alive after capture. Fish must not be killed, or taken away from the fishery, to do so may give rise to a civil prosecution under schedule 1 section 2 of the theft act
j) The use of gorge baits or gaffs is prohibited.
k) When fishing for pike, wire traces must be used.
l) When using treble hooks they must be either semi barbed or barbless. The use of barbed treble hooks is prohibited.
m) Live bait is permitted on Society waters as long as the live bait is caught from the Society water being fished on the day of fishing.
n) All carp anglers must be in possession of and use carp care kits. Bonjella is a suitable treatment for those not in possession of a branded kit.
a) Members may fish with 3 rods all year round when fishing at Redlands.
b) Fishing is permitted at Redlands all year round, with the exception of the river Loddon which is subject to the normal close season March 14th to June 16th inclusive.
c) Members fishing Redlands may only be permitted to fish for a maximum of 72 hours on any one session, and must vacate the water 24hrs before returning to fish.
a) Members fishing Southlake may only be permitted to fish for a maximum of 72 hours on any one session, and must vacate the water for 24 hours before returning to fish.
b) Members may fish with 3 rods from October 1st to March 31st inclusive when fishing at Southlake or between March 31st –October 1st if they have purchased the additional extra rod permit.
c) When carp fishing, apart from surface fishing, back-leads must be used at all times.
d) Entry to the bird sanctuary area and duck pond for any reason is prohibited.
e) No casting behind the island from the Bay swims or the Cut-Out.
f) All roped-off areas are out of bounds.
g) The Cut-Out is a 1 person swim only, no doubling up.
Social media
We expect of members to conduct themselves appropriately when using electronic communication to share information with other members or posting material on public websites connected to the club.
Electronic communication:-
⦁ Should be restricted to club matters
⦁ Must not, offend, intimidate, humiliate or bully another person
⦁ Must not be misleading, false or injure the reputation of another person or the society.
⦁ Should respect and maintain the privacy of members
⦁ Must no bring the club into disrepute

Members may face disciplinary action for sending inappropriate electronic communication or posting online content or comments that harass, offend, intimidate or humiliate another member or Society, as outlined.

Southlake Angling Society Ltd– Organisation

1) Southlake Angling Society Ltd is a company limited by guarantee, The liability of each member is limited to £1.00, being the amount that each member undertakes to contribute to the assets of the company in the event of its being wound up while he/she is a member or within one year after he/she ceases to be a member.
2) The Directors of Southlake Angling Society Ltd form the Committee of Southlake Angling Society. The Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Permit Secretary are the Executive Directors. All Executive Directors plus other Society Directors shall be elected at the AGM to form the Committee.
3) The Directors of Southlake Angling Society Ltd shall here in be referred to as the Committee.
4) The business of the Society to be conducted by the elected Committee who will have the power to fill any vacancy or co-opt as necessary.
5) The Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of the Society Organisation and Rules, and their interpretation shall be final and binding upon the members. Any matters arising not covered by the organisation and rules shall be the responsibility of the Committee, their findings to be final.
6) Discipline: The Committee shall expel from the Society any member for conduct which, in their opinion, is injurious or tends to be injurious to the interest of the Society or its members or angling. Members found violating Society Rules will be issued with a written warning signed and dated or where necessary, have their permits impounded by a bailiff or Committee member and a receipt given to him/her signed and dated and informing him/her to attend the next Committee meeting. Failure to attend without adequate reason may lead to expulsion from the Society. An expelled member shall forfeit all claims including monetary on the Society and forfeit all rights and privileges of membership but shall remain liable for any dues or debts to the Society. All members have the right to defend themselves at a disciplinary hearing but the Committee decision is final and binding. Where permits have been impounded, the written receipt will act as a permit until the day of the next Committee meeting.
7) Subscriptions: The annual subscription shall be such a sum as the Committee shall determine and will become due on the 1st June each year. Failure to renew by this date will result in the cessation of membership.
8) Any Committee Member resigning shall not be eligible for re-election for a period of 2 years from the following A.G.M. after resignation.
9) Any member holding an active official position in any other Angling Society shall not be eligible for election to the Committee.
10) The Annual General Meeting shall be held each year. Notice of the A.G.M. will be sent to members 14 days prior to the meeting. Statement of accounts shall be made available at the A.G.M. Any business to be discussed is to be notified to the Secretary in writing 14 days prior.
11) Extraordinary General Meeting may be held at any time that the Committee shall determine, and the Committee shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting upon the requisition in writing of any 20 members for a purpose stated in the requisition, and upon receipt of such a requisition, unless they shall determine the purpose to be frivolous, the Committee shall call the meeting within 21 days of receipt, by the Secretary, of the requisition.
12) Committee meetings will be held once a month at a time and venue notified to the Committee in May each year.

Committee Contacts

Chairman: Martin Hopgood
(07896 210345)

Secretary: Jim Morris

Treasurer/Membership: Tim Athey


John Nice
Jason Pincham

Head Bailiff:
Martin Hopgood
(07896 210 345)

Southlake Bailiffs:
Gary Holloway

Carl McConnell
Gary Alderdice
Jo Lawrence
Paul Hathaway
Ian Folley

Redlands Bailiffs:
John Nice

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